Why the Resistance?

There are two “factions” or teams in Ingress – the blue Resistance (“smurfs”), and the green Enlightened (“frogs”).

Story-wise, the Resistance work to fend off the influence of an alien race called the Shapers, whereas the Enlightened are trying to assist with this Shaper ingression.

Gameplay-wise, both factions are able to perform the same actions and are able to play the game in similar ways. So, why choose the Resistance?

For Story Line

The Resistance do not fear change, we are not uncertain about our past or our future and we have no doubt the Enlightened are misguided. The Enlightened would have you believe that all human accomplishments are due to the Shaper aliens. They would have you believe there is no way we could have created art and science without the aliens help. The Enlightened have a very limited view of humanities potential and what we have achieved up until now. They want you to think we are nothing more than pets to these aliens, unable to think or create for ourselves and without the aliens help will never amount to anything. We think nothing could be further from the truth. The Shaper aliens fear our potential and they wish to shackle us to ensure we never reach that potential. We will not let this happen. We will define our own future.

While we are attacking the aliens we should never forget that the Enlightened agents are still our brothers and sisters. They deserve our compassion because they don’t know they are speaking the lies whispered to them by their alien captors. They are suffering from Stockholm syndrome and they need us to free them with the rest of humanity. It’s a big job with them fighting against us but we’re up to the challenge.

The fact that the Enlightened need to fight to enlighten us should give you pause for thought. Why is it so important to them that we all must be enlightened? Why can’t they just leave us to make up our own minds? There are many unanswered questions about these Shaper aliens and we see no reason not to be cautious of the aliens and the agenda they are pushing through their “Enlightened” agents.

We fight to free all humanity from the aliens and in time even the Enlightened agents will thank us.

We are the protectors of humanity.

For the Community

The South Australian Resistance (ResistSA) is here to help support you in your game play – we provide means to organise and coordinate your local areas, as well as connections for larger regional, national and even international operations.

The more Ingress you play, the more you will realise how important community is to the game.  ResistSA is the local Resistance community.  Chat with your team-mates, ask for or provide help, attend events or make a mega-field. The community is here to help and to provide an open environment for Ingress Resistance players to meet and interact with a diverse mix of people.

Picked the “wrong” side?

If you made the wrong choice and mistakenly sided with the aliens don’t worry you can always apply for a faction change and we will help you regain your previous level.

Still want to be “Enlightened”?

Of course if you don’t want to fight for humanity and you enjoy being subjugated you could bow down to the aliens and join the Enlightened instead (it is after all just a game and maybe you have friends on the green side already).